Thursday, November 20, 2008

Life Made Simple -- Wonton Wrappers!

Yesterday I was on the phone with Chef Harold Moore of Commerce when he brought up a point that I thought the whole world needed to know. Yes--the whole world indeed! See, he makes a dish that I love that's sweet potato tortelloni with pomegranate seeds and a balsamic reduction. It's fancy but not too fancy, original but approachable, and basically heaven in every bite. He gave out the recipe at a recent event where he gave a demonstration of how to make it, and his beautiful stand mixer (yes, the one in my dreams) was essential to getting that tortelloni dough rolled out thin. I watched and added it to the reasons I need a stand mixer, right after those ouvo in raviolo....

I shared my regrets about lacking such devices when he made the revolutionary point: you don't need a stand mixer to make tortelloni and ravioli. You don't need any equipment at all! Nay, you need not even make pasta at home! But how???

These guys, though they look like slices of cheddar cheese is this photo, are wonton wrappers, and they're the key that holds together the puzzle. If you've ever wanted to make homemade ravioli or tortelloni, a quick trip to the asian market will cut a whole lot of that work. According to Harold, the extra corn starch makes them easy to work with and easy to cook. Who knew! I'll be experimenting with this real soon, so expect reports!

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Ashley said...

I hope wonton wrappers work out better for you than they did for me... utter culinary disaster. I definitely think this calls for a wontons-versus-Ashley's pasta dough evening of culinary experimentation, though!