Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Treehouse Restaurant -- Restaurant Design Gone Wild!

If I were to pick one niche category that I'm obsessed with, it's definitely the intersection between food and design. We're talking restaurant design, table settings, food plating and styling, and the different sensory experiences that can be effected through these intersections. No wonder I was totally blown away by this amazing restaurant in New Zealand called The Yellow Treehouse Restaurant. It's just what it sounds like--a restaurant that's actually a treehouse 10 metres high in a forest of redwood trees.

The pop up restaurant opened officially over the weekend, and will be seating guests for lunch and dinner for one month, until Feb. 9th. Curious to see how the menu would interact with the setting, I downloaded the PDF version to find that, as I suspected, you can't cook a whole lot of stuff in a treehouse. But I'm happy to report there are no birds on the menu--how awkward would that be? Worse than boiling a calf in her mother's milk might just be eating a bird in its own nest. Anyhow, the fare seems local, largely vegetarian, and mostly out of convenience for the lack of appliances one can safely use in a redwood forest.

Overall, a very cool design concept, but the food? I've yet to be convinced. If you happen to be travelling to NZ anytime soon, though... let me know!

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