Monday, January 12, 2009

DIY Madness--Custom Crayons!

This weekend, I took my own advice and tried out one of the ski resorts I budget found last week. With dinners out on either side of my daytrip and other miscellaneous expenses thrown into the mix, the lift tickets and rentals quickly became the most "budget" thing in sight. Exhausted, sore, and not yet ready to start another week, I decided to start the week on the right foot by bringing you a different kind of budget savvy-ness: a DIY project. It's been a while since we've had a good DIY project here on eatmywords, but this one is sure to please.

Now, you have to understand, I love coloring. For at least the last five years, I've always had a coloring book nearby in case I had a sudden craving for pretty colors. This project satisfies those kinds of needs--and gives lots of possibilities for how to do that. See, with a simple silicone tray (like the ones I used for shaping cheesecake bonbons a while back) and some old crayola colors, magic can happen! Just melt, pour, refrigerate, and repeat! Layor colors in rainbow order or gradations for a really pretty end product. Throw them in a mason jar with a ribbon and viola! -- a perfect gift for your artsy-fartsy or five-year-old-wannabe friends.

See a great photo step-by-step here! Ah, if only I could be a professional color-er...

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Ariel said...

I miss coloring with you!!! My mom just bought me a bunch of colored pencils in a really lovely tin for Hanukkah... and she also sent a cool coloring book of pictures of paintings by famous women artists! I can color Mary Cassat's work! And Frieda Khalo!

I miss youuuuuuu!