Monday, June 22, 2009

Recipe Lust: Carrot Cake Cookies

I've been feeling really guilty about all of the intense eating that I've had to do over the last few weeks (poor, poor Red, right?). That may be why this particular recipe for carrot cake cookies at The Kitchn called out at me--not only does it satiate the sweet tooth but it naturally does away with much of what's unhealthy about cookies and sweets. Butter is kept to a minimum, some likely replaced with the applesauce; meanwhile, cream cheese frosting is substituted with a blend of yogurt, honey, and cinnamon. I'm not one to skimp on the fatty ingredients usually--I figure if I'm going to treat myself, I may as well do it right--but this actually looks really tasty, and inconsequential.


Ariel said...

Whoa those look awesome!

Also, I arrive back in the U.S. right about two weeks from now!

Peter said...

things here are pretty cool. I like the tissue dispenser thing. Oh by the way, an open source software partner program that i downloaded last night says that this site has a truly high page rank. congrats! meaning lots of people are viewing it.