Thursday, May 7, 2009

Link of the Day -- Student Cooks

As the weather continues to grate on me (we haven't seen the sun in how many days??) I'm happy to find little bits of happiness over the course of my daily reading. This particular article in the NY Daily News was one of those--it's about a high school in Queens (no, not the one affected by swine flu!) that has taken a heavy initiative to open its own restaurant. It's the first such project of its kind (at least in NYC), with the high school students acting as business management, chefs, and recipe developers to feed their staff and faculty. The result? Students with a better understanding of what it takes to run a business, what it's like to work in the culinary world, how to feed themselves nutritiously, and--perhaps most importantly--how to make a killer meal for Mom this Mother's Day. See the whole article here--it's a great read!

(Photo via NY Daily News)

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