Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Budget Finds: New Kam Man Dumplings

As Passover nears its end, I'm thinking about all the starches that I'm missing and craving. With a friend coming into town this weekend, it's the perfect time to plan a trip for some quality dim sum. Needless to say, I've got dumplings on my mind. That's why today's Budget Finds is all about cheap, cheap Chinese. Because, of course, sometimes the cheap stuff is the best stuff!

I've been hearing particularly good things about the frozen dumplings over at New Kam Man Food, a fairly prominent Asian grocer in Chinatown located at 200 Canal St. (at Mulberry). For just $9.95 you get 50 dumplings, and if you have a normally sized appetite then you should be able to get 5 meals out of that for $2 apiece. Is that a budget find or what?

PS. Thank you, NYMag, for supplying images in times of need!


Meet said...
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Meet said...

Another great thing about New Kam Man is the tea selection. You can get 1/4 lb. (enough to probably last you about 3-4 months) of some amazing tea for about $2-3!!

(The guy who helps you with the tea is also awesome; he never needs to use a scale...)

Shachar said...

Sounds yum.