Thursday, March 12, 2009

Budget Finds -- Skeleton Key Key Holder

There are lots of decor-centric websites out there that I love to look at with a "look-but-don't-touch" kind of mindset. Three Potato Four is sometimes one of those, but sometimes it ventures into my price range with the most dainty and beautiful pieces, often in the "I-look-super-old-but-still-super-stylish" kind of vein. I majorly covet these old typewriters (an instance of look-but-don't-touch, at something like $500 a piece), but while drooling over them this week I found something smaller both in size and price.

These skeleton key key holders are dainty and chic in that really effortless "it's just an old key" kind of way. (I've got to stop it with the little catch phrases today.) Part of the charm here probably has to do with my fixation on the vintage keys sold all over Moroccan souks, which, counter-intuitively, were somewhat expensive by local standards. Anyhow, it's only $16 right here, and I'm seriously tempted...

But like usual, I'll live vicariously through the beauty of these pictures, pinching my pennies (and maybe saving up for one of those typewriters!)

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