Friday, July 11, 2008

a half-way offer

You always know that it's a bad sign when you get emails instead of phone calls. Nobody offers a job via email, right? Well I guess I wouldn't know. But rejection--ahh, rejection loves to come in written form. Even when it's only half-way rejection.

A few weeks ago, at the very start of my job hunt, I applied to an EA job with a set of magazines that covers NYC arts. For those of you not in the industry, EA=editorial assistant, and it's the entry-level magazine editing job that's entirely coveted and entirely un-glamorous. And we want one so badly!

So the interview came and went--and it went really well! An edit test interfered with my birthday weekend, but we felt really confident about it, and then we waited for a week... and another week.

Until the email came. She's impressed with my credentials. Everyone seems to tell me this! And she hired someone else. Well, she's only the second one to tell me this. But still.

And then the email turns around a little bit. "In the meantime, please let me know if you'd be at all interested in taking on assignments for us as a freelance writer," she writes. Well, hell yes I'm interested. At least my foot's in the door, right?

I guess half-way offers don't qualify for the phone, but I'll take my glass half full today, thank-you-very-much.


s. said...

Hey, way that's better than nothing! Congrats (half-way)! And you're right, good job news doesn't come via e-mail. Same with trying to get fiction published. Acceptances don't come in envelopes you addressed yourself. Anyway, welcome to blogging!

It's Shannon, by the way. I started my own blog, too, and not a second too soon, it seems, as I just got rejected from a job because my background was too print-based and not enough blog/web. Bah. If I could go back in time I so would have tried to do some work on the Bwog before I graduated.

Polina said...

You can do it Nikki! Im positive that you will be a fancy AND schmancy editor in no time.


Giulia said...

Nikki! I'm so glad you're providing me with another blog to check constantly in the midst of my summer boredom. May I ask what the name of the company was that offered you the freelance gig? It sounds like it could be the same one I just interned for this past semester... Congrats anyway!

Amy said...

Hey lady! I love reading your blog since you don't seem to be active on g chat LOL anyhow you know I love reading your food adventures and love all the food places you have shown me all over NYC. This blog is such a smart idea because it helps you get noticed slash did you know that the first female geek in beauty and the geek was discovered based on her myspace blogging? Anyhow miss you love you